OFX 2.2 has been created to provide a tokenized authentication solution and create a more efficient transfer of data between the aggregation service providers and Financial Institutions. The objective is to improve upon the existing protocol, and continue to offer secure and efficient access for consumers to access their financial data. While other organizations are proposing solutions to address similar issues, OFX is uniquely positioned to leverage the familiar protocol and existing infrastructure. Using OFX 2.2, clients can continue to provide a broad spectrum of services to important stakeholders, including data providers, data aggregators, and consumers.


The focus of OFX 2.2 is to improve the specification capabilities as well as broaden the spectrum of data that can be accessed by the data aggregator community. OFX 2.2 offers financial institutions an opportunity to use a tokenized authentication solution rather than connectivity that relies on third parties having access to customer credentials (typically user name and password).

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